On Wednesday 18th July after 3 years of study at a well known UK University, one of Unique Home’s once abandoned baby girls graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, First Class Honours Degree in Business & Management.

This tremendous achievement follows in the footsteps of her older ‘sister’ who previously attained academic success when she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences from The Guru Nanak Dev, University, Amritsar, Punjab, India.

The academic prowess shown by these young women has had a positive impact on other girls at Unique Home, one of whom presently is determined to progress in her studies towards a future career in medicine.

Such achievements are testimony to the girls own commitment and determination to succeed in society. However, if it were not for the early intervention in their formative years by their ‘Muma’, Bibi Prakash Kaur Ji, who established Unique Home in 1993, then their future would have been unimaginable.

Bibi Ji, has and continues to dedicate her life to looking after unwanted, abandoned or orphan female children. Her aim is to raise these children as self respecting citizens and restore them to their place in society. This said, her commitment and dedication to these children is to be applauded considering the academic attainments of the young women who were nurtured and raised at Unique Home.

We are sure you will join us in wishing both young women every success in the future, and ask that you continue to support ourselves and our beneficiary organisation, Unique Home for Girls, Jalandhar.

Please Note:

We are sure you will appreciate, that to identify these successful young women would be an intrusion of their privacy, which if posted could result in unwarranted attention being given to them.



The Bhai Ghanayya Jee Charitable Trust operating as Unique Home for Girls, Jalandhar is now registered under FCRA to receive Foreign Contributions/Currency donations.

However, the Trust still has to finalise their operating procedures with regards to receiving International Bank Transfers, but once this is completed we will publicise immediately.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to post the banking details of the Bhai Ghanayya Jee Trust on this website as they have to be obtained directly from the Trust in Jalandhar. Contact details can be found on the About (Who We Are) tab.

We would like to take this opportunity in expressing our sincere gratitude to the many patient supporters of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab) for donations received! All donations and retained funds will be discharged on a project by project basis as soon as is practical to the Bhai Ghanayya Jee Charitable Trust (Unique Home for Girls).

Kind regards,
UK Friends of Unique Home




Dear Supporter of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab).

We wish to take this opportunity to clarify to you why we are retaining a large amount of funds and explain to you our reasons for not forwarding funds on to Unique Home for Girls in Jalandhar.

Unique Home is currently undergoing a lengthy process to register under The Foreign Contribution Registration Act (FCRA). This legislation was brought into force by the Indian Government to ensure foreign contributions are being lawfully donated to registered Indian NGO’s. Unfortunately, there have been significant delays to the Home’s registration process due to this lengthy bureaucratic process.

In essence, presently without the Home being FCRA Registered we are unable to transfer any funds to their account. We have been working very hard with Unique Home, their Trustees & Bibi Ji in an attempt to hasten their registration.

We have also sought expert opinions as we explored alternative methods to transfer the funds. The consensus has been that all the alternative channels carry a risk as the funds could be impounded or indeed confiscated by the Indian authorities. If this were to occur then we could be in contravention of the UK Charities Commission Guidelines.

We are sure you will appreciate we have no choice but to wait for FCRA Registration to be granted to Unique Home. In the interim we have made contact with The UK Charities Commission and made them aware of our situation which they will monitor.

We can assure you that all funds raised and presently being retained by us on your behalf will go to Unique Home as soon as we have been informed that their registration is completed.

As you can imagine this has been a very frustrating process for us here in the UK. We have always been open and transparent about our operation and relationship with Unique Home and hope this statement clarifies our current situation.

If you would like to discuss this further please contract any of the Trustees listed here:

You can also view our annual statement here:

Lohri of Hope raises £25,000!

Lohri of Hope raises £25,000!



On Saturday 24th January 500 people came together at CSN in Birmingham to celebrate Lohri of Hope. A charity ball in aid of Unique Home organised by Snob Events & UK Friends of Unique Home.



The event was a huge success with guests enjoying a sparkling drinks reception, four course meal and impressive entertainment from DJ Dipps Bhamrah from BBC Asian Network, DJ Nav, a live set by JK, Giddha Sansaar, Eternal Taal and Vasda Punjab. The star of the evening was Sukshinder Shinda who performed his hits with a live band. The event was hosted by Unique Home supporter Harjap Bhangal . The auction was particularly entertaining with the highest bid going for a signed Pele top for £5,000!


One of the organisers and Trustee for UK Friends of Unique Home Harinder Singh said ‘We are delighted with the amount we have raised this evening and the awareness we have raised for the work of Unique Home. We are grateful to all our sponsors, supporters and guests for contributing to the success of the event!’


Parvy Rakar, founder & director Snob Events said ‘Our guests enjoyed an authentic Punjabi Lohri – the food, décor, favours and ambience we worked so hard to create took our guests back to Punjab where Lohri is celebrated with huge fan fare. We wanted to celebrate our daughters and show that there is equality for both sexes.’


If you would like to make a donation you can do so using


To learn more about Unique Home go to







A Lohri Of Hope

The hope for equality between daughter and son
A hope that will be so very alien to some.

The hope to make a change to customs old
A Hope to dare to be so bold?

The hope to celebrate her with laughter and joy
A hope that she is equal to any boy.

The celebration of Lohri is not only for boys,
Give our daughters a chance to experience the joys.

24th Jan, don’t sit and mope
Make a difference and join us for
The Lohri of Hope!

We hope to welcome you and your families on Saturday 24th January in Birmingham! #LOHRIOFHOPE



Was it wrong you gave me away?
Did you ever want me to stay?

I was a girl, was that why,
You left my side with a sigh?

I can’t even remember the touch of your hand.
But you had your reasons, I understand.

You placed me in the cradle and turned away,
Never again a word to say.

I don’t know who and where you are,
It may even be you in that car.

I often think of the life I may have had,
It brings me to tears and makes me sad.

But sad and bitter, I do not remain,
You did me a favour when you left me in the rain.

I gained the love of a wonderful other,
The one I’m so proud to call my mother.

She showered me with love from day one,
In a second my heart was won.

Her lessons of chivalry I’ve cherished so dear.
She moulded my heart to love with no fear.

Her lullaby songs always comforted me to sleep,
Banished all the monsters from memories deep.

I’m happy that God kept me alive,
Gave me sisters so I could strive.

My beautiful sisters completed my life,
Always United in moments of strife.

I flourished in a Unique happy home full of laughter,
Where sadness was never ever sought after.

Being born a girl is not so bad,
I know I’m just as capable as any lad.

I’m skilled and educated and talented too,
These are not the dreams I had from you.

Bibi Prakash Kaur, my saviour mother,
Made be believe in myself like no other.

Thank you will never be enough to express how I feel,
To the wonderful woman who helped me heal.

Bibi Prakash Kaur my angel from heaven,
At your feet is my garden of Eden.


Sharan Ghuman – Trustee UK Friends Of Unique Home

News Update 2014

News Update 2014


It’s been a busy year for us! So busy in fact we have not managed to update this website as much as we would have liked! Please understand that all of us involved in UK Friends of Unique are volunteers and we carry out our duties as Trustees on top of busy work and family lives.


This year we have been involved in a few things.


Awareness for us and Unique Home is growing – we past the 10,000 likes on Facebook which is a HUGE milestone! Please do like our page if you haven’t already!


We carried out a successful social media campaign on the girls birthdays this year by asking our supporters to join in the celebrations by posting a photo of them with cake! We asked everyone to make a wish on behalf of the girls. Our co-founder Tom Harrigan MBE was guest of honour at the celebrations in India and thoroughly enjoyed himself!




We have been involved in two ladies Giddha events – an afternoon of traditional Punjabi folk dancing for women. One event was in the South and the other in Birmingham. Both were well attended and raised circa £4,000.


10687145_963173600375198_1170320764014859866_n 10650022_961931553832736_6708828016917320428_n

In addition to Tom’s visit, two of our other trustees visited Unique Home this year. Rupinder & Harinder visited in September. The new build is progressing very well. Bibi Ji and Trustee Satnam Singh send their heartfelt gratitude and well wishes to all supporters!




Looking forward to 2015 we are actively involved in planning another Dinner & Dance in West Midlands. Saturday 24th January 2015 is the date, Regency Suite, Halgley Road, Birmingham is the venue. The theme is ‘Lohri For Her’ we will be celebrating our daughters and this festival in a very Punjabi way! All welcome!

There is also a Tartan & Turban Event in Glasgow in January 2015- we are one of the chosen charities!


Thank you for all your support this year!


Rupinder Kaur


News update

Cheque for £34,000

Tom will also be presenting the Trustees with a Cheque for £34,000 (British Pounds) the majority of which is restricted to assist in the new construction. This tremendous amount of money was raised via several events organised by the charity and other external organisations/individuals along with many kind donations received from worldwide sources and indeed from many of you, our MEMBERS. The cheque presentation is purely for the purposes of the attending media as the actual funds will have been transferred from bank to bank before his visit.

On the ‘Home’ front:

  • We will shortly be revamping our own website to make it more appealing to the casual web browser.
  • If you have visited the website recently you will probably have seen that we have added a YouTube section where you can view footage from the Home.
  • You will also come across the recent FAQ section which we hope you will find helpful.
  • We are also in the process of increasing the number of trustees at the charity which will help tremendously in sharing our tasks. The new trustees will provide us with a wider representation across the UK.
  • Our New Unique Home (Facebook) Fan Page continues to flourish and has become a useful vehicle for enquirers and ‘friends’ to share their experiences and leave comments on what they think of the Home and the work it does.

Remember, if you have any news or images taken of the Home please feel free to submit it to us, or why not input it onto the Facebook Page for all to see and read.

If you are thinking of organising an event to support Unique Home, then please make contact with us.

Our Membership continues to grow, particularly since the ABC broadcast. It now stands at ………worldwide.

Look forward to updating you again soon.

Sent on behalf of the Board of Trustees: UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)

Whats been going on?

On returning to our activities since the last newsletter, may we once again take this opportunity to personally thank you for your continued and loyal membership of UK Friendsand your unstinting support for Unique Home for Girls, Jalandhar, Punjab. Please forgive the delay in getting back in touch with you but I am sure you will forgive us once you have read the contents of this newsletter.

What then has been happening to delay our contact with you? Believe it or not we are still ‘suffering’ in a nice way from the high profile we at UK Friends and indeed Unique Home itself received as a result of the feature broadcast by the American TV Channel ABC 20/20 in December 2011. Our trustees have been working tirelessly in an attempt to answer the 500 or so emails received. This in addition to the many misdirected enquiries we at UK Friends received from organisations and individuals thinking we were in fact Unique Home for Girls in Jalandhar. To this day emails continue to roll in on a daily basis. If you or a friend signed up as a Member or sent us an email since our last newsletter and have not received confirmation or an answer then please bear with us.

In bringing you right up to date, we have to inform you that our trustee Tom Harrigan is visiting the Home from 6 – 12 November this year. During his time at the Home he will be meeting with the Board of Trustees to put many questions to them which several of you have asked us in the past. We have already pre-empted this by obtaining some answers from the trustees to FAQ which we have placed on our website.

With the authority of the Home, Tom will be engaging a local media organisation to record his visit, the footage of which once edited will be downloaded to our website. He will also be laying the foundations for a visit in early 2013 by a UK website design and marketing organisation whose remit will be to discuss the Home’s requirements in setting up a website in addition to providing an appropriate IT training programme to the older girls and staff.