I would like to make a donation of clothes / toys/ books etc how do I do this? What do the girls need?

Please contact Unique Home directly to establish what their current needs are. All contact details for the Home are found on our ‘Who We Are’ section.


Answers provided by Unique Home

Can I adopt a girl from Unique Home? 
Adoption of a child is possible for Indian Nationals to proceed via the Central Adoption Resource Authority of India (CARA) For Non-Indian Residents and people living abroad, the same could be applied through the Authorised Foreign Adoption Agency (AFAA) Child Welfare Agency i.e. Authorised by the CARA for sponsoring the application.

How can I donate cash directly to Unique Home from overseas? 
The donations in Indian Rupees can be sent directly to our Account No. 308302010032980 in the name of Bhai Ghanayya Ji Charitable Trust (Regd) at Union Bank of India, Civil Lines, Jalandhar, Punjab. The IFSC code is UBINO530832

If I donate cash, will I receive a receipt? 
Yes, UK Friends of Unique Home is a registered UK Charity and we can provide receipts for donations made through us. Unique Home is registered under Section 80G of Income Tax Act and all the donations are exempt from income under Income Tax Act of India. The receipt can be sent to the address of the donor within 15 days from the receipt of the donation.
However, as it can be appreciated issuing receipts for donations made via International Bank transfer are somewhat more complex as the donors personal details are not disclosed to our Bank in India making it difficult to send a receipt. This is something we hope to address.

Does the Bhai Ghanayya Ji Charitable Trust support organisations other than Unique Home?
No. This is a sole Trust and all the donations raised by the Trust are utilised for the upbringing of the children of Unique Home.

What percentage of my donation will go directly to the care of the children?
100% of the donations raised through donors is spent on the education, daily needs and better facilities to the children.

I would like to volunteer at the Home, what do I have to do? 
Yes, anybody can volunteer for the Home which is subject to the approval by the Trust. Please write or contact Unique Home directly.

If the Home is ‘full’ what happens to the additional girls left in the cradle? 
Unique Home is sufficient enough to accommodate the children left in the Cradle. Moreover, with the adoption process the home is always balanced with ratio of the incoming and outgoing children.

At what age must the girls leave the Home?
Either on adoption or after marriage. The marriages are solemnised after imparting the required education to the girls.

What happens to them after they leave?
The adopted children are taken by their prospective parents and married girls enjoy their married lives with the new families. However, the married girls are treated like the daughters of the home and can visit the home anytime with their In-laws and families like any other girls visit their parents. We have special short stay arrangements for their families when they visit the home.

Does the Home receive a Government grant? 
No, all monies are raised through donations, this being the only source of finance available to the Trust

What medical facilities are available to the Home?
We have a specialised leading Paediatrician attached to us who attends to our children 24*7 and that too without any prescription fee. However, the medicines and any hospitalisation fees (if applicable) are borne by the trust.

If you have a question(s) you require answering regard the day to day running of the Home or the welfare of the girls and it is not referred to above, then please make direct contact with Unique Home for Girls, Jalandhar, Punjab. Their contact details can be found on the ‘Who we are’ (About Unique Home) page of our website

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