On Wednesday 18th July after 3 years of study at a well known UK University, one of Unique Home’s once abandoned baby girls graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, First Class Honours Degree in Business & Management.

This tremendous achievement follows in the footsteps of her older ‘sister’ who previously attained academic success when she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences from The Guru Nanak Dev, University, Amritsar, Punjab, India.

The academic prowess shown by these young women has had a positive impact on other girls at Unique Home, one of whom presently is determined to progress in her studies towards a future career in medicine.

Such achievements are testimony to the girls own commitment and determination to succeed in society. However, if it were not for the early intervention in their formative years by their ‘Muma’, Bibi Prakash Kaur Ji, who established Unique Home in 1993, then their future would have been unimaginable.

Bibi Ji, has and continues to dedicate her life to looking after unwanted, abandoned or orphan female children. Her aim is to raise these children as self respecting citizens and restore them to their place in society. This said, her commitment and dedication to these children is to be applauded considering the academic attainments of the young women who were nurtured and raised at Unique Home.

We are sure you will join us in wishing both young women every success in the future, and ask that you continue to support ourselves and our beneficiary organisation, Unique Home for Girls, Jalandhar.

Please Note:

We are sure you will appreciate, that to identify these successful young women would be an intrusion of their privacy, which if posted could result in unwarranted attention being given to them.

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