What’s Your Name and Where Are You Based?
Sharan Ghuman, Slough, Berkshire.

When did you become a Trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)?
24th October 2014

What Is Your Area of Expertise?
Having worked in the Home Office for the past 15 years, I have been fortunate to have been involved in working within different sectors within UK Border Agency. I spent 10 years working in Immigration enforcement. An extremely varied role dealing with all matters relating to the arrest and return of Illegal persons in the UK. During this time I also gained experience working with victims of trafficking and headed up the child protection team. Four years ago I headed to Heathrow to work with Border Force, where I Currently manage a joint Customs and Immigration Team. In the past year I have also taken on the role of Safeguarding lead within my command ensuring all cases involving children and vulnerable adults are dealt with appropriately by BF.  I am also a Governor at my children’s school, where I also have the responsibility of all Safeguarding issues.

How Did You Become Involved In Unique Home?
I first became aware of Unique Home for girls in the summer of 2013. Being the eldest of 3 sisters and a mother to two daughters myself, the story of Bibi Prakash Kaur and the wonderful work she is doing in raising unwanted and abandoned girls, really struck a cord with me. I knew then that I wanted to do so much more. Like they say, the rest is history. I have been involved with various fund raising and awareness projects for Unique Home over the past year. In April 2014 I was fortunate enough to visit the Home in India and meet Bibi and the amazing girls.

Tell Us Something Unusual About Yourself
Wow this is a hard one. I’m pretty much an open book, what you see is what you get but I guess one fact that not many know is that I love to write. I have written a few short stories, not published. I would like to pursue this passion at some stage.

Contact info
07514 747269

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Co Founder & Trustee

What’s Your Name And Where Are You Based?
My name is Reena and I live in Leicester.

When Did you Become a Trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)?
I became a trustee in 2009.

What Is Your Area of Expertise?
I am a Practice Manager at Thaliwal Bridge Solicitors (also the UK Unique Home registered address). I wouldn’t say that this is my area of expertise as I ‘fell’ into the role after being made redundant 7 years ago from Norwich Union where I worked in the Complaints Department (as you can imagine it was a very busy and eventful department).
How Did You Become Involved In Unique Home?

Ranjit and I originally did some fundraising for MIND by arranging a small dinner dance. We realised that this was something we enjoyed and decided that we would like to get involved in a charity in India perhaps working with children. It was around this time that both our mothers took a trip to India and on the recommendation of another family member went to see Unique Home. We obviously did some research and felt that this was the charity for us.

Tell Us Something Unusual About Yourself
Well, I have something in common with the queen! Like her Majesty, I have 2 birthdays. I was born in India in December but the local registrar didn’t manage to attend to register my birth until May and simply put down the date of his attendance as the date of my birth. But who’s complaining as I am now 5 months younger.

How Can We Get In Contact With You?
The best way to contact me is My telephone number is 07825 560 395.

Email 07825 560 395



What’s Your Name And Where Are You Based?
Debbie Sanghera. I am based in Solihull.

When Did you Become a Trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)

What Is Your Area of Expertise?
I’d have to say withing the Financial Industry, having worked in it for many years with a vast amount of experience and knowledge from various roles.
Presently working for a Financial Company in Birmingham City in Marketing as a Marketing Production Executive.

How Did You Become Involved In Unique Home?
Having taken on several  fund raising activities, most of them physical, such a marine challenge, abseil and skydive to raise funds for various organisations.

I was travelling to India in 2009 and thought I’d start investigating Orphanages for girls in Punjab. Following my research conversations with Ranjit led to me visiting the Orphanage, I was rather  overwhelmed by Bibi Parkarsh Kaur’s home the way she runs it, the warmth, care and love towards the girls and their happiness led me to want to become involved with fund raising and raise awareness.

Tell Us Something Unusual About Yourself

I was born in Birmingham moved to Australia, Devon and now back to Birmingham after 25 years!

How Can We Get In Contact With You?
My email address is  My mobile is 07732368603

Email 07732368603


Co Founder & Trustee

What’s Your Name And Where Are You Based?

Tom Harrigan. I am based in Glenmavis near Airdrie, Scotland. UK.

When Did you Become a Trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)?
2009 at the formation of the Charity.

What Is Your Area of Expertise?
Although ‘retired’ I continue to be heavily involved with several 3rd.  Sector organisations who specialise in such issues as, Child Protection (Prevention of Abuse amongst Minority Ethnic Children), Emergency International Relief and Development, championing the issues affecting Refugees and ‘Asylum Seekers’, organising multi-cultural events utilising the visual and performing arts of artiste’s from Asia and the Middle East.

How Did You Become Involved In Unique Home?
In 2001 as part of a Senior UK Police delegation to New Delhi, India I was invited to the Punjab by one of my Indian hosts to visit the police training academy in Punjab.  During my stay in Jalandhar I was taken to Unique Home where I was introduced to Bibi Ji. On my return to UK I immediately set about raising awareness amongst my many friends in the Sikh community in Glasgow of this little piece of heaven in the world’s largest democracy.

Tell Us Something Unusual About Yourself
On retiring at the rank of Chief Inspector in 2005 after 30 years service with Strathclyde Police, I was appointed to the position of Inter Faith Liaison Officer with Glasgow City Council. This post was the first of its kind in UK. My primary role was to foster good relations between the ‘main’ faith communities across the city and to act as a conduit between the Council and said faith communities. On a more personal note, I love getting out of bed at 4:30 every morning and having a little quality time to myself before the rest of the UK awakes. It also allows me to email my contacts whose time zone is behind and ahead of UK.

Email +44(0)7778745630


Co Founder & Trustee

What’s Your Name and Where Are You Based?
My name is Ranjit Thaliwal and I was born in Leicester and continue to live here at the present time.

When did you become a Trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)?
I became a trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home in 2009, as my wife Reena and I became involved in Unique Home and then the other trustees decided to form a charity in the UK.

What Is Your Area of Expertise?
I am a Solicitor and qualified in 1993. I deal with an unusual area, mainly mental health law. Essentially we represent patients that are under a section and detailed in psychiatric units within the Midlands. We provide legal advice and representation to them in circumstances when they are seeking a discharge and therefore, it is a really interesting area of work. We deal with many people who have had to endure very difficult life events and circumstances. Mental health problems unfortunately, have no boundaries and effect people from all backgrounds, ages and circumstances. It is a really challenging yet rewarding area to work in, to support these people.

How Did You Become Involved In Unique Home?
My wife Reena and I both decided that we wished to support a charity based in Punjab, close to our respective, original villages. Unique Home is based in the same district, a very short distance away, and via family we were able to find out more about the home and make that connection, as well as visiting the home for ourselves. From my point of view, once we visited the home the connection was so strong and the work done by them is so good, that we were committed to support them going forward and hopefully, get them into the new home at some point in the near future. A right to live should not depend on whether you were born as a boy or girl and so the home continues to do life saving and life changing work.

Tell Us Something Unusual About Yourself
I am a solicitor and have been given the honour of being president of the Leicestershire Law Society, running from May 2013 through to May 2014 and therefore it will be a very interesting year ahead. I really enjoy following sports, in particular Leicester City Football Club, as well as watching Aston Villa, a team that my son supports. We are also big cricket fans, especially as far as India is concerned.

How Can We Get In Contact With You?
My email is Please email me and I will be happy to speak on any fundraising or initiatives that you may wish to pursue for Unique Home.

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What’s your name and where are you based?

Meena Morjaria, Leicester

When did you become a trustee?

In 2013

What is your area of expertise?

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 10 years, my expertise lies in account management, developing strong professional relationships within my sector, maximising business opportunities in specialist medical fields and working in partnership with the NHS.

My passion, drive and motivation in my career extend to helping those less fortunate. I have supported other charities in the past and I have been involved in many large fundraising events and also helped grow awareness of those in need of support.

How did you become involved?

I became aware of the home through Ranjit and Reena (co-founders and Trustees) and had attended one of their charity fundraising events. It definitely struck a chord with me, being female and also having roots from Punjab. I truly commend the charity for bridging the gap between the Bibi Prakash Kaur Ji and those in the UK who want to help. There are so many worthy charities out there and it’s such an individual choice to who you give your time and money to.  For me, it’s the dedication by the home itself, my fellow trustees and knowing what a difference we make to these girls’ lives that drives me to support this cause.

Tell us something unusual about yourself?

I have been interviewed by the BBC…not as glamorous as it sounds!!  It was at a family wedding for a well-known cultural programme aired on Sunday mornings.

How can we get in contact with you?

For enquiries, please use the ‘contact us’ form on the website



On Wednesday 18th July after 3 years of study at a well known UK University, one of Unique Home’s once abandoned baby girls graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, First Class Honours Degree in Business & Management.

This tremendous achievement follows in the footsteps of her older ‘sister’ who previously attained academic success when she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences from The Guru Nanak Dev, University, Amritsar, Punjab, India.

The academic prowess shown by these young women has had a positive impact on other girls at Unique Home, one of whom presently is determined to progress in her studies towards a future career in medicine.

Such achievements are testimony to the girls own commitment and determination to succeed in society. However, if it were not for the early intervention in their formative years by their ‘Muma’, Bibi Prakash Kaur Ji, who established Unique Home in 1993, then their future would have been unimaginable.

Bibi Ji, has and continues to dedicate her life to looking after unwanted, abandoned or orphan female children. Her aim is to raise these children as self respecting citizens and restore them to their place in society. This said, her commitment and dedication to these children is to be applauded considering the academic attainments of the young women who were nurtured and raised at Unique Home.

We are sure you will join us in wishing both young women every success in the future, and ask that you continue to support ourselves and our beneficiary organisation, Unique Home for Girls, Jalandhar.

Please Note:

We are sure you will appreciate, that to identify these successful young women would be an intrusion of their privacy, which if posted could result in unwarranted attention being given to them.



The Bhai Ghanayya Jee Charitable Trust operating as Unique Home for Girls, Jalandhar is now registered under FCRA to receive Foreign Contributions/Currency donations.

However, the Trust still has to finalise their operating procedures with regards to receiving International Bank Transfers, but once this is completed we will publicise immediately.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to post the banking details of the Bhai Ghanayya Jee Trust on this website as they have to be obtained directly from the Trust in Jalandhar. Contact details can be found on the About (Who We Are) tab.

We would like to take this opportunity in expressing our sincere gratitude to the many patient supporters of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab) for donations received! All donations and retained funds will be discharged on a project by project basis as soon as is practical to the Bhai Ghanayya Jee Charitable Trust (Unique Home for Girls).

Kind regards,
UK Friends of Unique Home




Dear Supporter of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab).

We wish to take this opportunity to clarify to you why we are retaining a large amount of funds and explain to you our reasons for not forwarding funds on to Unique Home for Girls in Jalandhar.

Unique Home is currently undergoing a lengthy process to register under The Foreign Contribution Registration Act (FCRA). This legislation was brought into force by the Indian Government to ensure foreign contributions are being lawfully donated to registered Indian NGO’s. Unfortunately, there have been significant delays to the Home’s registration process due to this lengthy bureaucratic process.

In essence, presently without the Home being FCRA Registered we are unable to transfer any funds to their account. We have been working very hard with Unique Home, their Trustees & Bibi Ji in an attempt to hasten their registration.

We have also sought expert opinions as we explored alternative methods to transfer the funds. The consensus has been that all the alternative channels carry a risk as the funds could be impounded or indeed confiscated by the Indian authorities. If this were to occur then we could be in contravention of the UK Charities Commission Guidelines.

We are sure you will appreciate we have no choice but to wait for FCRA Registration to be granted to Unique Home. In the interim we have made contact with The UK Charities Commission and made them aware of our situation which they will monitor.

We can assure you that all funds raised and presently being retained by us on your behalf will go to Unique Home as soon as we have been informed that their registration is completed.

As you can imagine this has been a very frustrating process for us here in the UK. We have always been open and transparent about our operation and relationship with Unique Home and hope this statement clarifies our current situation.

If you would like to discuss this further please contract any of the Trustees listed here:

You can also view our annual statement here:

Girls Birthday Celebrations 2015!


Every year the Unique Home girls celebrate their birthdays collectively on 24th April. They are celebrated with a lot of celebrations at the new house in India.

This year, UK Friends of Unique Home have decided to do something here in the UK to celebrate the grand occasion of the Unique Home girls birthday.

On Friday 24th April, we hope you will all join us in lighting a candle on a cake similar to last year at your home, office or any where that’s convenient. Please share your photos on our social media Twitter @ukuniquehome or Facebook – UK Friends of Unique Home.

On Saturday 25th April, UK Friends of Unique Home would like to invite all of our fabulous supporters to attend a Sukhmani Sahib Path, followed by Kirtan and Guru Ka langar, held in honour of the girls birthday. We feel there is no better way to mark this fantastic occasion than to shower the girls with Waheguruji’s blessings.

We would be honoured for you to join us between 2-5pm at Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Havelock Road, Southall.

Please share these events and celebrations with all. There is no fundraising to be done just an opportunity to join in celebrations and give your blessings to our girls.