Co Founder & Trustee

What’s Your Name and Where Are You Based?
My name is Ranjit Thaliwal and I was born in Leicester and continue to live here at the present time.

When did you become a Trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)?
I became a trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home in 2009, as my wife Reena and I became involved in Unique Home and then the other trustees decided to form a charity in the UK.

What Is Your Area of Expertise?
I am a Solicitor and qualified in 1993. I deal with an unusual area, mainly mental health law. Essentially we represent patients that are under a section and detailed in psychiatric units within the Midlands. We provide legal advice and representation to them in circumstances when they are seeking a discharge and therefore, it is a really interesting area of work. We deal with many people who have had to endure very difficult life events and circumstances. Mental health problems unfortunately, have no boundaries and effect people from all backgrounds, ages and circumstances. It is a really challenging yet rewarding area to work in, to support these people.

How Did You Become Involved In Unique Home?
My wife Reena and I both decided that we wished to support a charity based in Punjab, close to our respective, original villages. Unique Home is based in the same district, a very short distance away, and via family we were able to find out more about the home and make that connection, as well as visiting the home for ourselves. From my point of view, once we visited the home the connection was so strong and the work done by them is so good, that we were committed to support them going forward and hopefully, get them into the new home at some point in the near future. A right to live should not depend on whether you were born as a boy or girl and so the home continues to do life saving and life changing work.

Tell Us Something Unusual About Yourself
I am a solicitor and have been given the honour of being president of the Leicestershire Law Society, running from May 2013 through to May 2014 and therefore it will be a very interesting year ahead. I really enjoy following sports, in particular Leicester City Football Club, as well as watching Aston Villa, a team that my son supports. We are also big cricket fans, especially as far as India is concerned.

How Can We Get In Contact With You?
My email is ranjitst@hotmail.co.uk. Please email me and I will be happy to speak on any fundraising or initiatives that you may wish to pursue for Unique Home.

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