Co Founder & Trustee

What’s Your Name And Where Are You Based?
My name is Reena and I live in Leicester.

When Did you Become a Trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)?
I became a trustee in 2009.

What Is Your Area of Expertise?
I am a Practice Manager at Thaliwal Bridge Solicitors (also the UK Unique Home registered address). I wouldn’t say that this is my area of expertise as I ‘fell’ into the role after being made redundant 7 years ago from Norwich Union where I worked in the Complaints Department (as you can imagine it was a very busy and eventful department).
How Did You Become Involved In Unique Home?

Ranjit and I originally did some fundraising for MIND by arranging a small dinner dance. We realised that this was something we enjoyed and decided that we would like to get involved in a charity in India perhaps working with children. It was around this time that both our mothers took a trip to India and on the recommendation of another family member went to see Unique Home. We obviously did some research and felt that this was the charity for us.

Tell Us Something Unusual About Yourself
Well, I have something in common with the queen! Like her Majesty, I have 2 birthdays. I was born in India in December but the local registrar didn’t manage to attend to register my birth until May and simply put down the date of his attendance as the date of my birth. But who’s complaining as I am now 5 months younger.

How Can We Get In Contact With You?
The best way to contact me is My telephone number is 07825 560 395.

Email 07825 560 395