Dear Supporter of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab).

We wish to take this opportunity to clarify to you why we are retaining a large amount of funds and explain to you our reasons for not forwarding funds on to Unique Home for Girls in Jalandhar.

Unique Home is currently undergoing a lengthy process to register under The Foreign Contribution Registration Act (FCRA). This legislation was brought into force by the Indian Government to ensure foreign contributions are being lawfully donated to registered Indian NGO’s. Unfortunately, there have been significant delays to the Home’s registration process due to this lengthy bureaucratic process.

In essence, presently without the Home being FCRA Registered we are unable to transfer any funds to their account. We have been working very hard with Unique Home, their Trustees & Bibi Ji in an attempt to hasten their registration.

We have also sought expert opinions as we explored alternative methods to transfer the funds. The consensus has been that all the alternative channels carry a risk as the funds could be impounded or indeed confiscated by the Indian authorities. If this were to occur then we could be in contravention of the UK Charities Commission Guidelines.

We are sure you will appreciate we have no choice but to wait for FCRA Registration to be granted to Unique Home. In the interim we have made contact with The UK Charities Commission and made them aware of our situation which they will monitor.

We can assure you that all funds raised and presently being retained by us on your behalf will go to Unique Home as soon as we have been informed that their registration is completed.

As you can imagine this has been a very frustrating process for us here in the UK. We have always been open and transparent about our operation and relationship with Unique Home and hope this statement clarifies our current situation.

If you would like to discuss this further please contract any of the Trustees listed here:

You can also view our annual statement here:

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