Co Founder & Trustee

What’s Your Name And Where Are You Based?

Tom Harrigan. I am based in Glenmavis near Airdrie, Scotland. UK.

When Did you Become a Trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)?
2009 at the formation of the Charity.

What Is Your Area of Expertise?
Although ‘retired’ I continue to be heavily involved with several 3rd.  Sector organisations who specialise in such issues as, Child Protection (Prevention of Abuse amongst Minority Ethnic Children), Emergency International Relief and Development, championing the issues affecting Refugees and ‘Asylum Seekers’, organising multi-cultural events utilising the visual and performing arts of artiste’s from Asia and the Middle East.

How Did You Become Involved In Unique Home?
In 2001 as part of a Senior UK Police delegation to New Delhi, India I was invited to the Punjab by one of my Indian hosts to visit the police training academy in Punjab.  During my stay in Jalandhar I was taken to Unique Home where I was introduced to Bibi Ji. On my return to UK I immediately set about raising awareness amongst my many friends in the Sikh community in Glasgow of this little piece of heaven in the world’s largest democracy.

Tell Us Something Unusual About Yourself
On retiring at the rank of Chief Inspector in 2005 after 30 years service with Strathclyde Police, I was appointed to the position of Inter Faith Liaison Officer with Glasgow City Council. This post was the first of its kind in UK. My primary role was to foster good relations between the ‘main’ faith communities across the city and to act as a conduit between the Council and said faith communities. On a more personal note, I love getting out of bed at 4:30 every morning and having a little quality time to myself before the rest of the UK awakes. It also allows me to email my contacts whose time zone is behind and ahead of UK.

Email +44(0)7778745630

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